Walking on the Beaches of Temporal Candy

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Over the course of a lifetime, we all experience catch-of-breath moments that stir exquisite awareness of life’s transience. Such fleeting moments we share with poet Christian McPherson and his space-suited avatar negotiating bumpy terrain. In this collection the meandering, often self-deprecating poet considers and records moments of truth and insight common to us all as he registers his joys and regrets, and raises rants in postured outrage. A refreshing and often humorous honesty prevails. As the dedication promises, these poems are for those who go to a job every day but dream of something more. McPherson delivers.

Awards & Reviews

“McPherson’s poems are subtle nuggets that burst with raw energy, plain-spoken wisdom and irreverent humour.”

– Broken Pencil Magazine

“McPherson is a poet I can count on like few others. He’s a disciplined romantic, if that’s even possible. Candy is exactly that. Sweet and tasty.”

– Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry

“Christian McPherson muses in acceptance and chagrin on our small mattering. Thoughts of our jeopardized and perishable lives beset him. In special care he would take the world into his arms: “sometimes I just want more sometimes.” A joyous, wise, and moving collection.”

– Dennis Cooley
  • Published: October 13th, 2020
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