Winnipeg Graffiti

Poetry     Handbound

Only 25 copies have been produced. Each book comes signed by the glass artist, screen printer, book binder, and author. Books will be strictly sold to the first 25 to place orders.

Here is a video link showing the book:

Awards & Reviews

“Chris Macalino is a Magician of the Image, & of the highest order. Somehow, he manages to transcend spatial boundaries while rearranging, manipulating space from within. Staunch ally of the Urban, friend to the Experimental, Macalino counts poker, arithmetic, and da Vinci as muse. Whether he works a line with his paintbrush or pen, Macalino never releases his obsession with Art and Hope.”

– Jesse Dawson Harms

“Abandoning the boring chalkboard with games for the elevated street of colorful competition, vocabulary from ubiquitous sources seems intended for a possible flaneur in this work. Like a singer wielding an impossibly balanced voice despite its lyricism, Macalino becomes a gentle and positive rapper, not a cruising vehicle of arrogance. The author explores his fecund subjectivity with an educator’s spirit; yet, you never feel as if you are being lectured, but enlightened by defamiliarization, including a new color just discovered on a once blank wall.”

– Kristian Enright

“Whether imagining “boxcars on sunflowers” or sticking it to “honey-goggled bosses,” Chris Macalino’s poetry is energetic, raw, and stimulating as hell.”

– Brock Peters
  • Published: December 11th, 2019