D. G. Valdron

D.G. Valdron has been a lifelong writer working in the field of speculative fiction who was telling stories from before he could write. Author of numerous novels, short stories and nonfiction work, previous publications included The Mermaid’s Tale, Axis of Andes, Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs, Dawn of Cthulhu and A Pirate’s History of Doctor Who. A dedicated recluse and eccentric, he lives alone in the wilderness of Manitoba, occasionally coming out to act as an aboriginal rights lawyer. Apart from that, he likes boring food, interesting people and used to own a mutant cat.

  • Twilight of Echelon

    November 26th, 2024

    Four writers, four different histories about one planet.


  • Twilight of Echelon (Teaser Comic)

    The only unknown left is the future.