David Rotenberg

DAVID ROTENBERG is a professor emeritus of theatre studies at York University, where he taught graduate students for over 25 years. He has released 12 novels which have been published by Penguin, Simon and Schuster, McArthur and Company, St. Martin’s Press, and ECW. His novels have been optioned in the past for major motion picture adaptation. City Rising is presently in negotiation with London producers. He is the founder and artistic director of the world-renowned actor training institute - Pro Actors Lab. His historical fiction novel entitled, City Rising, From the Holy Mountain is the first of four books in the ‘Shanghai Tetralogy’ and is based on true events and explores the epic stories of two Iraqi-Jews, and the renowned port city across several centuries.

Photo: Christopher Grove

  • City Rising

    The first book in a historical epic ‘The Shanghai Tetralogy’.