Jack Winter

Jack Winter was born in Moose Jaw, educated in Montreal and Toronto, and taught modern theatre and creative writing at several Canadian and British universities including York University (Toronto) and University of Bristol (UK). For twelve years he was the resident playwright and dramaturge at Toronto Workshop Productions as well as a freelance playwright/producer/director. Then he and his British wife moved to England where he continues to teach and to write. The author of stage plays, radio and television productions, and cinema films, academic and popular journalism (Modern Language Quarterly, Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, The Observer, The Poetry Review, Canadian Theatre Review, Theatre Research in Canada, etc.), prose fiction and non-fiction and several poetry collections, his most recent books are The Tallis Bag (Ottawa: Oberon Press, 2012); My TWP Plays: A Collection Including “Ten Lost Years” (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2013), and Tales of the Emperor (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2015). Recognition for his work includes the Telegram Theatre Award for the Best New Canadian Play (Before Compiègne), the Chalmers Award for the Outstanding Canadian Play (Ten Lost Years), the Ontario Arts Council Senior Writer’s Award, the Canada Council Senior Arts Fellowship, the Canadian Film Award for the Best Documentary Film (Selling Out), an Academy Award nomination for the Best Short Subject (Selling Out), the C. Day-Lewis Fellowship of the Greater London Arts Association, and the Arts Council of Great Britain Creative Writing Fellowship (twice). Or, in the words of a colleague, mentor and friend: “For Christ’s sake, Jack, will you go out and get a job?”

His forthcoming novel That Business at Brody will be released by At Bay Press.

Photo: Jackie Winter