Nazli Ataeeyeh

NAZLI ATAEEYEH is an Iranian-Canadian visual storyteller, illustrator, and art educator. She was born during the Iran-Iraq War and lived through the oppression of the Islamic dictatorship. Her love for art and children blossomed while volunteering at orphanages in Iran. Nazli continued her passion for art into University where she completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2011.

After the violent suppression of the youth during the Green Revolution in Iran she decided to immigrate to Canada, landing in Toronto in 2013.

She now lives in Vancouver with her life partner and her rainbow baby, Elio. She teaches art and illustrates books in between baby naps and diaper changes. Nazli’s illustrations appear in Sarah Farmand’s debut book of poetry, Pistachios in My Pocket.

Photo: Negin Ataeeyeh