Ron Kasman

Ron Kasman is a Canadian comics creator. He was one of the four coordinators of Cosmicon, Canada’s first major comic convention. He created William Lyon Mackenzie, the first graphic novel of Canadian history, honoured by the mayor, displayed in a major gallery, published in two editions, reviewed by the Toronto Star and distributed by the Lieutenant Governor. He edited Peter Hsu’s Quadrant. He hand lettered comics for D.C., Image and Eclipse. He wrote and drew for Image. His educational comic strip Bruce Barnaby won an award for Educational Journalism. He penciled, inked and lettered Captain Canuck and inked pages featuring Fleur-de-Lys; both characters are on Canadian postage stamps. Parts of his comic collection have been displayed in the Royal Ontario Museum. Ron has been nominated for the Shuster Award as Canada’s Best Cartoonist. His forthcoming graphic novel will be released by At Bay Press in 2024.


  • The Cosmic Con

    October 30th, 2024

    Visit Toronto’s downtown core when Yorkville was a hippy haven, Rochdale College was a centre of the illicit drug trade and bands had names like Intercontinental Ballistic Grapefruit.