Supplements for ‘Moving Upstream’

Moving Upstream – by Mary Barnes – Published May 18th, 2023

The Cover Art Design Process

‘Moving Upstream’ rejected cover art.
Here is the initial cover art design that moves forward to the final production.
The red theme on this cover was ultimately rejected in favour for blue. This, we found, better reflected the bodied water theme of the text’s title.
Book launch announcement poster for ‘Moving Upstream.’

Reintroducing Mary Barnes’ and her new release ‘Moving Upstream!’

Rave Reviews for ‘Moving Upstream’

CBCBooks labels Mary Barnes as an author to watch out for!

Behind the Scenes!

“Wasaga Beach, early March/April where I sometimes walk.” - Mary Barnes
“My red chair/green shelf corner. My 4 a.m. corner where I read or compose.” - Mary Barnes
“Not a Jane Austen desk but my own work corner.” - Mary Barnes
“Along Blueberry Trail system where I walk in the fall.” - Mary Barnes
“Small subdivision trail where the sight of trees and deer draw inspiration.” - Mary Barnes

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