Supplements for ‘Trees’

Trees – by Lucy Hemphill, Michael Joyal – Published September 30th, 2022

Introduction to Lucy Hemphill and her newest release of the ‘Overhead’ series

See here the official book release announcement.
All three installations of Lucy Hemphill’s ‘Overhead’ series.

Illustrator Michael Joyal Provides Signed Copy of ‘Trees.’

Upon receiving an order, an At Bay Press customer asked for a signed copy of ‘Trees’ by illustrator Michael Joyal who was more than happy to provide!

Cover Art Design Process for ‘Trees’

Here we see the beginning sketch work for what develops into the final cover. Not only does this tree reflect the physical nature described in this piece, it also represents the nature of human identity and connection reflected in Hemphill’s work.
The illustration develops to include shadow and depth, more accurately representing what Hemphill hopes to express about identity.
Here is the initial rough cover design. However, it was decided to use an earth-tone to better reflect the cover and contents, as well as fit the aesthetic of the ‘Overhead’ series.

Click here to see the final cover art announcement

Additional Illustrations

Here are some additional illustrations that were considered but not used in the final copy of this title.

Rave Reviews for ‘Trees’

The Miramichi Reader praises ‘Trees.’

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