Supplements for ‘Tulpa Mea Culpa’

Tulpa Mea Culpa – by Garry Thomas Morse – Published April 27th, 2023

An introduction to Garry Thomas Morse and his new release ‘Tulpa Mea Culpa.’

‘Tulpa Mea Culpa’ Cover Art Creation Process

The creation process began with some light sketchings of what we find in the final cover art. Here we see the silhouette of man where he is both mirrored and rippled. This art represents the pseudo-twin identity of protagonist Gellhorn and Aaron Schnell. As this idea developed, we see third-dimensional elements added into this outline which serve to further connect readers to the text’s world.
As these sketches developed, vibrant reds and purples were added into the piece. Where the exposure was adjusted and blacks and whites were switched out, red and purple always remained consistent, highlighting the urgency found in our protagonist’s story. Ultimately, black hints were favoured as they better express the deep and uncanny themes of this text.
Here we reintroduce the use of textures to really capture the impact of the art’s ripples. We see, now, that these are not only ripples but shadows of both the man and his inversion. This shows us the many versions of our protagonist and his pseudo-twin.
‘Tulpa Mea Culpa’ final cover art.

Book Launch Poster and Announcement

Book launch poster featuring host Charlene Diehl.

Please click here to view the book launch announcement for ‘Tulpa Mea Culpa’ and an introduction to our host Charlene Diehl.

Rave Reviews For ‘Tulpa Mea Culpa’

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