Supplements for ‘Unthinkable’

Unthinkable – by Brent van Staalduinen – Published February 27th, 2024
Final book jacket for “Unthinkable.”

Rejected Book Covers for “Unthinkable”

One of the rejected book covers for “Unthinkable.”
Here is the mockup book jacket using the above rejected cover art.
The second rejected book cover art for “Unthinkable.”

“Unthinkable” Book Launch.

Attached is the presentation stage for the “Unthinkable” book launch!

“Unthinkable” Scavenger Hunt!

The above are the scattered prizes to be found in the “Unthinkable” scavenger hunt!
Here is a close up look at the instructions for the recipients.

“The Lorry Martens” Cocktail!

Perfected by Gabe at The Staircase Theatre & Café, Hamilton, this cocktail is named after the “Unthinkable” protagonist. “The Lorry Martens” recipe: 1.5 oz Tequila, 1 oz Cointreau/triple sec, 1 oz lime juice, .75 oz grenadine, and a pinch of salt.